Amazon could touch new stock price if Q2 goes up

Amazon inc had already reached its high price of Stock before 2019 and their lowest cut off price was around 3075$ which was the highest that Amazon had ever kept in its journey of 16 years.

During the rise of the pandemic Amazon still used to work but was forced to shut down most of its centres in different companies as employees in its warehouses were turning out to be Covid 19 positive and so almost every Government forced Amazon to shut down its centres and warehouses.

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Due to this situation, Amazon’s AMZN stock  at had fallen about 6% in just a span of a few months. Investors were worried that if this continues Amazons stock prices will fall even more and so some of the investors sold their shares in the market so they don’t have to deal with the loss faced by Amazon.

Many analysts are saying that Amazon’s stock will rise in price as its sales are going out of control and many people have started ordering from Amazon after the pandemic hit the world.

The biggest centre of Amazon is in the USA and it has opened and it will eventually result in an increase in sales which will automatically bring a rise in the stock price of Amazon.

The Amazon Web Service will also help the company to benefit as the net sales of their first quarter has reached to 10.22 Billion$ which is above the 33% mark from the previous year’s profit margin.

Revenue of Amazon over profits earned

Many investors are looking at the revenue of Amazon as they have to guess whether the company will be able to maintain the same sales chart momentum as it has in 2020 during the pandemic.

A famous analyst name as Daniel Ives told that companies like Amazon who use E-commerce get a very rare increase in their stock prices as many investors invest in those companies which are either old or have a new concept but Amazon had such a great sales pitch that many investors were rushing to buy Amazon’s stock and not thinking about the price.

Many investors in the market have opted to buy Amazon’s share not because of its profit margin but also because they see that Amazon has the potential to become the biggest tech company that was ever built just like Apple and Microsoft.

After Amazon’s stock fell by 6% during the pandemic investors were not happy but after 2 months when it opened again it made a sudden profit and was back on track with no loss. You can check its releases at before investing in amazon stock.