How to select a mattress based on sleeping patterns? A guide to choose the best mattress by analyzing your sleep pattern

A person spends almost one – third of his life sleeping. It is the golden chain that ties the body and health together. It is common experience that every problem that felt difficult at night is resolved in the morning after a good night’s sleep. Therefore, sleep is very important for both physical and mental health. In order to achieve this, it is essential to buy a comfortable and supportive mattress from mattress store Denver.

No two persons find the similar level of comfort from the same mattress. This is mainly because their sleeping patterns vary. Also, there are differences in their body weight. Here is a complete guide to select a mattress based on sleeping patterns

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There are 3 different types of sleepers namely

  • Side sleeper
  • Back sleeper
  • Stomach sleeper

Side sleepers

This is the best and the healthiest position of sleep. Side sleeping position aligns the spine, pelvis and minimizes pressure points in neck and lower back. The mattress from mattress store Denvershould provide the following to keep the side sleepers comfortable

  • It should be soft if the sleeper is of normal weight. Memory foam mattresses are the best choices for such users
  • Heavier side sleepers should choose a firmer mattress. This is because they sink down in softer mattresses. Latex mattresses are the best choices for such users.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers should choose soft to medium firm mattresses from mattress store Denver.The back sleeper should look for the following while buying a mattress

  • The mattress should provide proper back support to keep the S – shaped backbone in right alignment. It should conform to the back so that every single point of the backbone is supported.
  • The cushion should be soft to provide a natural alignment to the lower back where the spine curves deeply.

Memory foam mattress and latex mattress are the best choices for back sleepers. Back sleepers should consider buying mattresses in the firmness range 5 to 7.

Stomach sleepers

Sleeping on stomach causes digestive problems. Stomach sleepers should choose medium firm mattress from mattress store Denver.The mattress should be soft and conform to everypoint of the body. It should distribute the weight of the user throughout the structure. This helps to reduce the pressure on stomach. Hybrid mattress with strong foundation and soft top layer are the best choice for these sleepers.