Instagram Accounts That InstaPwn Cannot Access

Gaining access to your locked Instagram account is not going to be easy. Yes, the process to recover the account is a no-brainer, but if you cannot remember the details you have entered upon signing up, then that could be a problem. But you do not have to worry because these days, accessing a locked account is made easy. Thanks to the help of InstaPwn account hacker.

Introducing, InstaPwn

Hacking an Instagram account may sound unusual, but the services offered by InstaPwn are only for those who personally own the account or have permission from the owner of the Instagram account. But can they hack into any Instagram account? There are of course limitations to what they can do. Here are the Instagram accounts that InstaPwn will not be able to access.

Instagram account hacker

  • Accounts Created Before April 2012. Most Instagram accounts these days were created after April 2012. But there are a few that have been created before that date. Instagram’s database is a sequel. That simply means that it is divided into data sequences. And the first sequence was on in April 2012. So any account created before that are too impossible to get through for InstaPwn because their engine can only match sequential data.
  • Accounts with Ad-spending. Since it is a requirement for PCI-compliance that when Instagram stores Ad-spending accounts that have active credit cards do this in a separate database when managing the credit cards. And because of this, InstaPwn will not be able to have access to them through Graph API.
  • Accounts With a Large Number Of Followers. Although they can, they choose not to hack big accounts, especially those with a large number of followers, like celebrities do. If they hack these kinds of accounts, they can put their security at risk and they can get in legal trouble. That is why to ensure their safety as well, they refuse to hack popular accounts.

Why Do You Need To Hack An Instagram Account?

There are plenty of reasons why one would want to gain access to an Instagram account. But when it comes to InstaPwn, they prefer clients who are only trying to have access to their own Instagram accounts. Also, they would cater to those who want to access another persons’ Instagram account as long as they have permission from the owner. They remind everyone that those who are looking to hack an Instagram account can only be assisted for ethical purposes only.